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Angelika Vee


HitQuarters Artist of the Week 2011/16

SongQuarters Songwriter of the Month 2011/4

Angelika Vee featured as HitQuarters Artist of the Week previously in 2009. Since then this Moldovian online phenomenon has received 8 million views to her YouTube channel. Her latest track, ”Guale”, entered the KissFM Top 40 only 4 days after release. She is available for record, management and publishing deals.

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10-Jun-2011 16:37

Beauty of the soul...Definitely hott...keep doing your thing Angelika. I would love a collaboration!!!
Miriam Carley

18-Apr-2011 12:44

Congradulations Angelika on Artist of the Week. Like your voice and the blend of various instruments in the track!Miriam Carley
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