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AnnMarie Fox


AnnMarie Fox has been popular as a headliner for regional fashion shows in North Carolina and has opened for major artists including Case, Lil Mo and Ruben Studdard. She writes her own songs and is available for record and publishing deals.

She has been singing and dancing in front of live audiences since the age of four. This early passion for music was nurtured by the sounds of R&B greats, such as James Brown, Otis Redding, The Temptations, Sam Cooke and even Michael Jackson, that would radiate around her home while growing up. Jackson was the strongest of these influences and fuelled her desire to pursue music performance into adulthood.

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01-Nov-2011 07:59

Like this. Beautiful voice, song production could be better though. Would love to hear your voice over a decent beat.

15-Oct-2011 11:47

Hi, I like to do a song with you ... I like the music you have good voice ...

30-Sep-2011 04:14

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16-Aug-2011 18:12

im lovin it

16-Aug-2011 15:00

Your voice is bueatiful.!
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