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Christopher David Santangelo/


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Five-time Grammy Award winner Clive Davis went so far in acting on his estimation of my song ,"HERO", to personally endorse it to his associates, thanks to the talents of AMERICAN IDOL, voice coach, Peggi Blu and Elton John back up vocalist, Ken Stacey. GRAMMY-winning producer, Ted Perlman,listed "HERO" at number 7 on a list of 32 songs he was honored to work on that included such artists as Bob Dylan, Burt Bacharach, Phil Everly, and Ron Isley! He also wrote:"Dave is one of the most exciting new songwriters to come along in years! I've worked with many of the top writers in the music business as a producer, arranger, and songwriting collaborator. Dave is up there with the best of them! I feel the songs I've been privileged to work on with Dave are some of my best work. "A GREAT NEW SONGWRITER HAS ARRIVED!"

The artists you hear, performing, are well known in the industry and include:Ken Stacey, who is currently the lead singer of Ambrosia. Others currently tour with Rod Stewart, Elton John and Celine Dion.
I'm currently working with actress/model/ singer/songwriter, Pattie Crawford( and proud of her performances on both"LIFE" and "City Rythms!"
On a side note, my Uncle is married to Lynn Kass, who's ex-husband was Art Kass, founder of Buddha Records/Gladys Knight & the Pips/ Isley Brothers/ Bill Withers/Chic and many more! Her ex-boyfriend was Franke Previte, who wrote the hit song "Time Of My Life" for the hit movie, "Dirty Dancing."
"HERO" has been lauded by professional music critics and music fans alike. These accolades are no fluke, however. Likewise Grammy winner Ted Perlman, who is credited as producer and co-writer on “Hero,” has myriad successes in the music industry.
Speaking of the themes of “Hero,” Santangelo writes,"It questions our need to change who we are, whether we always should in order to please others and if that change is always the right choice. How far would you go to be someones hero?” These queries go far deeper than the usual heroic story tells.
Originally written as an homage to Christopher Reeve’s immortal portrayal of the greatest American superhero of all time, Superman, “Hero” is a pop epic that stands equally tall in terms of both epic tonalities and endless inner strength!
Santangelo is also widely respected for his tribute to the victims of the 9/11/01 tragedy, titled, “Remember September.” The official video for the tribute, is available for viewing at

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 Grammy-Award-winning producer Ted Perlman, American Idol voice coach, Peggi Blue and breakout artist, Candasa Nicole team up in L.A.! 

Songwriter, Christopher David Santangelo, teamed up with Grammy-Award-winning producer Ted Perlman, American Idol voice coach, Peggi Blu and breakout artist, Candasa Nicole for the L.A. production of the upcoming singles,“HERO”and "Streets Of Heaven." *SPECIAL THANKS to Daniela Mandel, Candace's manager, for helping to put this project together. Without her it would not have been possible.Read


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