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HitQuarters Artist of the Week 2011/2

17-year-old Canadian singer Chloé has been recording tracks by No.1 songwriters and producers Thomas J. Heyerdahl at Deep Frost (Ice) and Andrew Lane (Hannah Montana: The Movie). She is available for record deals.

Growing up in the Quebec region of Canada, Chloé first aired her vocal talents when she started entering singing contests at the age of 10, before later participating in local shows and live regional public appearances. Since the age of 13 she's been taking private singing lessons. As a French-Canadian she can sing in French as well as in English, and to further add to her enviable talents she's also a straight A student, dancer and actress.

Not only does Chloé want to impact the teen music and fashion industries, but also become a real role-model for girls of all ages.

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Rc Beat

26-Oct-2011 11:16

you're just as amazing as his music !!!!!voçê é maravilhosa assim como a sua musica musica!!!!

28-Jun-2011 21:55

Nice voice
kenneth DuBose

15-Jan-2011 18:11

good voice

15-Jan-2011 07:33

HI nice voice.Id like to write something for you.I could put it together and mail it .May I .Brilynn

11-Jan-2011 23:13

Hi,Great voice.Keep up the good work.
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