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Clarissa Cupéro


HitQuarters Artist of the Week 2010/44

20-year-old pop/rock singer and songwriter Clarissa Cupéro from New York is working with the production team of Patrick Ermlich and E-Shy Gazit. She is available for record, publishing and management deals.

Raised in Warwick, New York, about 65 miles north of New York City, Cupéro has been singing since she was four. Piano lessons began at nine and at sixteen she moved on to the guitar, a progression that has for her been the key to unlocking everything. “Since picking up the guitar, everything has fallen into place – it was the right instrument for me to begin writing songs on, and image-wise, I love it. When I’m playing guitar – that’s the essence of who I am,” she explains.

Influenced by everything from modern artists like KT Tunstall to a few classic rock artists, Cupéro saves her biggest praise for the Columbian rock artist Juanes, winner of seventeen Latin Grammys and whose records have sold over ten million copies. She says, “I really admire his music and his activism, and the fact that he’s bilingual was the inspiration for me to become a bilingual artist.”

After writing a batch of songs strong enough for her own standards, she began sending them to New York City based studios. “I didn’t know who’d give me the time of day,” she says with a laugh. “The team of Patrick Ermlich and E-Shy Gazit were the only ones who got back to me, but when I went down to play for them, it was clear that they were right. We developed a plan right then and there for when I got out of school to go full bore and record.” Recording went smoothly, and as Cupéro exclaims, “Their production really brought my songs to life – they wowed me!”

Originally written for a high school talent show, ‘I’ve Got Your Number’ has become something of a signature song for her. “When I first played it in front of people,” she remembers, “it had an immediate reaction that really astounded me.” Opening with a hypnotic guitar riff, the song soars upon hitting an unforgettable chorus, punctuated at all times by her commanding vocals. ‘You’ll Never Be There’ has a lilting rhythm that perfectly compliments Cupéro’s tale of heartbreak and unrequited love. And ‘Life Is A Moment’ is a power ballad of exceptional power. Starting the song with just her voice accompanied by piano, Cupéro’s vocal connects directly with the listener and holds them as the song builds into a dramatic tour de force, perfectly complementing the message of the song, which is about how, “You should never stop living for what you want to do.”

Currently enrolled at Siena College, Cupéro has been performing at various shows and benefits for organizations like SAFER (Students Active For Ending Rape), as well as Road Recovery, a drug awareness program that she wrote a song for. But clearly her eyes are on goals to come. She states, “Right now I’m concentrating on developing a local fanbase and taking my songwriting to the next level – but ultimately I want to take it to the highest level I possibly can and win an international fan base.” While such ambition might be stretch for most artists, the quality of songs and performances on her debut album suggests that for Cupéro, it all seems very possible and well within her exceptional reach.

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