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Erin Hunt


HitQuarters Artist of the Week 2010/28
SongQuarters Songwriter of the Month 2010/7

Toronto-based singer-songwriter Erin Hunt's quality marker is, ”Can this song survive with just me and a guitar? Does it still work and does it still mean something? Does it still touch people? If I play the song with one instrument and it doesn’t hold peoples’ interest then it’s just not good enough to last.” She is available for record, management and publishing deals.
Erin has boldly crafted her debut EP ‘Meet Me In The Middle’ together with producer Tom McKay, formerly of Canadian rock band Joydrop.  After seeing Erin perform at a local open-mic the pair discovered they shared a deep musical common ground, making their decision to then work together a natural next step. Having sold her condo Erin used the profits to record the high quality ‘Meet me in the Middle’.
To help realise their vision, they assembled a group of Toronto’s top musicians: drummer Tony Rabalao (of Leh-Lo/ex Joydrop), keyboardist Dave ‘Soulfingaz’ Williams (Divine Brown), guitarist Ricky Tillo (Lady Gaga/Esthero) and bassist Howard Ayee (Rough Trade, Strange Advance).
“It was necessary to use incredible musicians in order to do justice to the way we knew the music should sound … I had no interest in it just being Erin Hunt with a bunch of tracks behind her.  It needed to be the best we could make it on every level, and it also had to have a real human element to it.”
Erin’s influences are to be found far and wide, from playing classical music as a child, to listening to her Dad’s jazz and folk records, to falling in love with the Bossa Nova.
“As a teenager, I listened to a lot of Joni Mitchell and Stevie Wonder. Joni made me realise that I could sing like a woman and not have to sound like a rock chick, and through her I learned how to play guitar in open tunings. My lessons from Stevie are not only in his amazing songwriting and vocal skills, but in the sheer joy he exudes while singing.”
The combination of Erin’s unforgettably sultry yet powerful voice and her love of classic songwriting has given rise to timeless songs, built on experiences and emotions most can relate to.

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20-Aug-2010 06:00

It's good to go back to the 70's. Long live the 70's music. I love you in every way.
zaccheri gray

21-Jul-2010 07:32

Love your sound !

21-Jul-2010 07:32

Love your sound !

17-Jul-2010 19:09

your music is very soothing
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