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Jessica Loren


HitQuarters Artist of the Week 2011/12

18-year-old Jessica Loren from Montreal has just released her debut album in Canada with DEP/Universal. She is working with producer Tino Izzo (Celine Dion) and is available for record, management and publishing deals.

The recording studio experience was one that Jessica absolutely loved, “It’s like being in your own world. You go in anticipating what the final product is going to be like. When I finally get to hear the fully-mixed song, I plunge right into what the lyrics are communicating and it’s like getting into it all over again.” Jessica has a deep appreciation for the lyrical content of the songs. Feelings of loneliness that emerge from a relationship with a close friend gone wrong, getting older, living freely, living in the now, making an effort not to think about all the worries that invade one’s life, how she and her friends grew up so quickly and how you sometimes want to desperately slow down time, are all recurring themes in the lyrics of her songs. She’s hopeful that others will be able to relate to the songs on their many levels.

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16-Apr-2011 19:16

your a good singer :)

21-Mar-2011 14:08

Nice, nice Jessica! We're rooting for you! Good Luck!
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