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HitQuarters Artist of the Week 2011/5

Jill Helena is already a known singer in her native Netherlands after numerous TV appearances and shows. Now based in L.A she is collaborating with the production team DEEKAY (Akon, P.Diddy, Sugababes) and is available for a record deal.

A few years ago, Jill Helena channeled Christina Aguilera for the Dutch singing competition "In de Huid Van... " (translation: "In the Skin Of... "). She won't be imitating anyone ever again.

A born crowd-pleaser, the powerhouse singer has a look, a style and a presence that are entirely her own. And sorry, she's not into sharing.

She's won all sorts of talent contests and worked with a Who's Who of her country's all-stars. She's collaborated with international A-listers such as DEEKAY (JLS/Missy Elliot), Elias Kapari (Ashley Tisdale), Bernd Klimpel (Sarah Connor) and Charlie Mason (Miley Cyrus). And she's got a secret weapon in her art director, Igor Posavec (3d-io).

But, as she'd be the first to tell you, tongue planted firmly in cheek as she did, "It isn't about them, now is it? It's about me!"

And, in fact, it is. Jill didn't attract her blue-chip team on a lukewarm personality and pleasant voice, she did so with superhuman charisma and pipes to match. "What's a girl to do?" she asks. "Someone tagged me 'it,' and you can be damn sure I'm gonna run with 'it'!"

Will she make it to the top? If you ask her, she'll assume it's a rhetorical question. "I don't just want to succeed," she says. "I want to succeed in such a way that, in a couple of years, some wannabe is on a TV show imitating me.

"Maybe," she adds with a laugh, "I'll even let Christina Aguilera cover one of my songs! You know, just for the irony... "

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02-Apr-2011 12:58

This is the future of pop music.Too much energy.Real commercial.ALL THE BEST

03-Mar-2011 20:09

hey my name is Smoov i am a producer and i like your music you have a wonderful voice i want to do some work with you, you can contact me at
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