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Rapper Lamar ‘Kash Flo’ Pharr resides in the abandoned city of Detroit where he started out pursuing a career as a bad boy before giving it up for a life in music. His first studio album ‘A Hustlers Life’ features Bizarre of D12, Al Nuke, Sino and Gator. Kash Flo is available for record, publishing and management deals.

Kash Flo was born June 27th 1981 at a military base in Halulu, Hawaii and his family moved to Detroit shortly after. As a member of the military his father was rarely around, leaving Kash and his mother struggling to make ends meet. At the age of 13 he began exploring musical talents such as rapping and singing, but at the same time he fell victim to the vices associated with ‘the street life’ that many inner city youths succumb to.  

From selling dope and pimping to drinking, smoking and shoot outs, his path towards musical genius was cluttered with dubious distractions. Although he continually thought about seriously exploring music, he always regressed back into the street life. It wasn’t until his grandmother passed away leaving him with the words “Don’t waste your talent”, that he finally took the music business seriously.

Lamar left the game and invested his money into music, out of which the emcee Kash Flo emerged. He has a wide array of live performances under his belt from opening up for Beanie Sigel at Club 007s, to The Bullfrog, Lucky's Pub & Grille, Club Envy and Stockers in Atlanta performing with Roscoe Dash.

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23-Feb-2011 11:36

good shit bro!!
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20-Dec-2010 07:47

hey check out my page .. its 20 bee .. c ya roun .. u wanna lay down a track .. lett me knoooowa :)
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