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HitQuarters Artist of the Week 2009/47

Atlanta based rapper Pol-B is available for record and management deals. The following text is the unedited biography as Pol-B wrote and released it.

There’s a bit of creative genius in every one of us. Sadly, only a small percentage of us actually unlock that side to maximise its potential. For Steven Allen (Pol-B), unlocking that side was the easy part. Pol-B brings an interesting mix of his New York flow with a touch of southern swagger. It is his education and knowledge of the craft that makes him not just an artist, but also a learned musician, creating music that reaches from the clubs to the hood, to the closeted corporate hip-hop fan. In his life, he has connected with them all so naturally in his music, he gives voice to them all.

From an early age, Steven Allen was destined to rock the world’s stage as an MC. Raised in a musical family with strong spiritual roots, Allen was exposed to different styles and even sang a bit himself. His heart, however, yearned for a different path – its desire was hip-hop. From the time he was 9 years old, his ingenuity began to show in his musical ability. The journey to hip-hop began with a young Allen creating his own beats on tape by beat boxing into a karaoke machine, which he would then play back and record his rhymes over. From then on, the seeds of hip-hop would continue to blossom and the world would come to know that young, determined Steven Allen as the unsilenced hip-hop hero – Pol-B.

Instead of aspiring for stardom, Pol-B chose the road less travelled – he decided to chase after greatness. The difference is simple: emulation can make you a star, but the path to greatness involves knowledge of the craft, honing your skills, and dedication to personal development. Allen’s dreams of being an educated artist led him to undertake music theory in both a performing arts high school and as a major area of college study. Coupled with his hours in the booth sharpening his skills, Pol-B presents himself as a true artist, destined to reach hip-hop fans with his story.

In an era where creativity is in short supply Pol-B expands on the ingenuity of his youth and infuses it into every element of his music: from his crafty punch lines on cuts like ‘Where Are They Now’, to the soulfulness on ‘Lord Help Me’ and even in the sexiness of club bangers like ‘Uh Uh Uh’, all from his debut album ‘Unsilenced’. “It’s not about trying to be different,” Allen explains. I’m just being myself – that alone makes me different.” With this strong sense of individuality, Pol-B is on a mission to revive the element of originality that brought hip-hop from a New York dream to the fruition of universal acknowledgement.

Pol-B is an artist with a story – not dressed up with delusions of grandeur, but real enough to reach everyone. Sometimes he’ll make you dance, sometimes he’ll make you think, and sometimes you’ll laugh until your sides hurt. And that’s because he laughs, he dances and he thinks. That’s what makes Pol-B an artist everyone can vibe with, and it makes Steven Allen a man everyone can relate to.

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