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Renny C.

United Kingdom

HitQuarters Artist of the Week 2010/45
SongQuarters Artist of the Month 2010/November

R&B singer Renny C. is known as the lead singer of the metallic rock band Forever Never but has now switched genre and embarked on a solo project. He is available for record, publishing and management deals.

"It's not always easy to foresee the trends of pop music. Styles are in and out every day, with every songwriter searching for the sound that will make their songs hits. Then in steps Renny. Renny draws inspiration from a slew of great pop acts and yet manages to sound impressively original. His originality is in his blending of pop from the old school and pop from the new school. Listening to Renny's tracks, you can hear the influence of everything from Michael Jackson to the Backstreet Boys, to Toto. Take a listen to Renny, you won't be disappointed." - Featured Artist, May 2010

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15-Jan-2011 19:27

sweet vocals man. iv just made a page here myself trying to get my music heard!
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