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HitQuarters Artist of the Week 2009/46

Having experienced many of life’s mystical pathways, Australian-based Sesch is now channelling them into song. He is available for record, publishing and management deals.

In Sesch's own inimitable words:

“My River of Love - My River of Life - My River of Hope.

Mystical - New - Different - Yours!
Writing with all my might, being a singer with all my heart, with every fibre of my being. This is real, this is me, this is where I’m most comfortable. Step into my world and believe in what you see, what you hear, what you feel.

My songs are the door - My lyrics are the key. Your heart is my home. I'm living for my dream - I'm living for a better future, for safer streets, for this breathtaking planet. Our earth. Our space of life.

I'm fighting for tolerance, for peace, for respect, for Green woods. I'm fighting against violence, against racism, against poverty, against fear.

I believe in myself. I believe in you. I believe in us. I love creating songs. The writing, the singing, the connection between sound, melody and words. The highlighting and intensifying with colour, laser and light. Explosions of magic. Supported by the show, the dance, by expression and emotion.

Born in Germany. At home all over the world. Raised with a lot of pain and hardship, beaten up by fate, grown up with the death of my father, and with the love and affection of my mum.

My faith in my music, the building up of my voice, the working on myself and on my vision.

Discovering my river, inspired by nature, by earth, and by my real self. You can expect lyrics straightforward and honest, songs made for all of us. A whole lot of soul, a lot of power, a lot of Sesch. You are part of it, lend me your ears, let's cross the boundaries. Be with me on my tour around the world. Experience the magic of the unexpected, the dimension of mystique, the truth about Sesch, the soul of … MY RIVER - Not for me alone any more.”

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