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HitQuarters Artist of the Week 2009/48

Standing Waltz is a Canadian pop/new wave group made up of four 16 to 17-year-old nonsense makers who write their own songs. They are available for all deals.

Yesterday merges with today. Soft merges with sharp. Warm merges with cold. Calm merges with fury. Electric merges with electronic. That is what Standing Waltz, a young Canadian band from Quebec City, has to offer on its first full-length album ‘Non-Sens’. Comprised of three teenage girls and a boy, Standing Waltz’s first studio effort serves up an energetic, catchy and charming blend of pop, rock and new wave music.

Standing Waltz’s first recording was ‘Plastic Spoons and Breeding Butterflies’, a four song EP released in June 2006. It was the song ‘Each Day’ that quickly caught the attention of the Quebec entertainment media and fans alike, and its success led to Standing Waltz touring festivals and music events all across the province. Building upon this early triumph, Standing Waltz has evolved and grown creatively, pushing the boundaries of their music. The result is this much-anticipated full-length album, ‘Non-Sens’.

Among the twelve songs featured on the album is ‘City of Night’, a cover of the Montreal band, Rational Youth’s new wave song from the 1980s. A French version of the song entitled ‘Cité Phosphore’ is also included along with hard hitting self-penned songs like ‘Can’t Break Me’, ‘Hit Back’, ‘Final Level’ and ‘Enemy’, and charming, captivating songs like ‘Fantasy’ and ‘Back to the Start’.

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