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Tori Beaumont

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HitQuarters Artist of the Week 2010/18
Tori Beaumont loves the 80s and wants to everybody hear it. ”It oozes the upbeat side of things”, she says of her big inspiration. Beaumont is writing her own material and is available for record, management and publishing deals.
Born in America and brought up in England from the age of 5, she considers herself an American with an English accent. She comes from an all music family, even going back to her great-great-grand parents!
Having started singing at Sunday school in Pennsylvania aged 3, her subsequent school life proved to be one big music jam with a little maths and science chucked in here and there. Clearly well aware singing was her life, Beaumont’s teachers never made her retake the exams.
She is now working on her solo album in London and loving every second of it. ”I'm a cheeky girl who loves life, loves to dance and make a joke. I live my days as if they were my last! For me singing is my life! It's how I function from day to day and spreading a little positive music and thought provoking lyrics to the world is what I have to do”, she says.

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23-Jul-2011 06:43

if you havn't heard Tori singing on Pete Russell's "This time of year ( remember it's Christmas )"....then you havn't heard Tori sing

30-May-2010 20:08

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27-May-2010 09:39

this is dope..... 80s movie music

03-May-2010 08:35

hi tori maybe you should invest in a good pair if bra's!

03-May-2010 08:35

hi tori maybe you should invest in a good pair if bra's!
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