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Zaccheri Gray


HitQuarters Artist of the Week 2010/47

24 year old singer songwriter Zaccheri Gray from Canada listened to anything from Bob Dylan to 2Pac to Andrea Bocelli to Nirvana as a child. He is available for record, publishing and management deals.

"Mommy. Where does music come from...?”

For singer/songwriter Zaccheri Gray, it comes from a cool Canadian breeze, crackling fire and three generations of Zaccheri’s family in the living room with lithe, brisk Neapolitan songs dancing about. As a young boy, Zaccheri would spend afternoons with his two primary musical influences – an Italian grandfather who would croon old arias, and a father that would play his guitar and belt out American folk songs. Zaccheri found the clapping, strumming and improvisation intoxicating. This is where he became mused by verse, song and the power and life in all kinds of music. He knew that life was for living and music was for him. At the tender age of 12, with his eclectic musical influences already ranging from Dylan to Bocelli to Tupac to Nirvana, he started on this magical, musical, lyrical journey. He wrote, he sang, he entertained practically anyone who would listen.

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