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Mixing engineer

I'm professional musicians; who knows how to engineer, produce, mix master, and many other quality. So if you need assistance $ please contact me at



Mic Benjammin

Freestyle / Gangsta Rap / Hardcore Hip Hop / Hip Hop Soul 

At Established Ent. Mic Benjammin Music. We continue to attract audiences all over the world. Feel free to drop a comment and spared the love. We also except any kind of donation just click the donate link and support our movement. Thanks for all the love and keep us on top of

Latest blog posts:

 New Times Are Coming 

Change is coming now 4 song will be free only


 New competitive pricing added 

Song from my new Mixtape "The Streets Of Dope" will be free on this site, any older songs will be priced less then 60 cents. If you're interested in any of my older music contact me. Or purchase them on this site. Thank you for your support and love.


 We are Number1 on 

Thanks for all the love and support we are now number one on And we will continue to give you quality music for life. Love and appreciate your support. New mix tape coming soon called "The Streets Of Dope" drop a $5 donation and we will send you a copy anywhere in the world.


 Make me Number one on Hitquarters 

All music is free. Make me Number one on all Hitquarters


 Video Links 

@ Mic Benjammin Music it is our goal to bring innovation to are company. So here are some links to music videos by Mic Benjammin "Fresno Life" 🎤🎤💪💪😎😎💯💯☞ "Closer To My Dreams" 💪💪💵💰💰🎤🎤😎😎💯💯🎤🎤☞


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