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The A&R Duel In Germany Continues….. Part 3

World Top 20 A&R Chart - December11th, 2000 (HitQuarters) –

A spectacular battle on the German Singles Chart has taken place within the last months. It started on May 4th as Volker Neumüller, A&R at BMG Berlin, entered straight at No.1 with Zlatko’s debut single "Ich Vermiss´ Dich". The same week, Martin Dodd, A&R at Zomba Netherlands, entered at No.3 with Britney Spears "Oops! I Did It Again". Zlatko managed to give Neumüller 4 weeks at No.1 with Dodd at No.2. After three weeks of Bomfunk MCs (A&R was Marko Alanko, Sony Finland) at No.1, Zlatko was back with a new single, "Grosser Bruder". It entered straight at No.1 and managed to hold the first position for 4 weeks, just to be thrown of the top by ATC, another debut act from Neumüller. For 4 weeks, the German A&R had both No.1 and No.2, but it was soon time for Dodd to pick up the challenge. At August 17th, Britney Spears entered at No.2 with the single, "Lucky" and after 2 weeks behind Neumüller, Dodd passed him and went No.1, ending Neumüller’s 10 weeks straight at the top (Zlatko 4 & ATC 6).

Now, it was Dodd’s turn to be the king, Britney held No.1 for 3 weeks to be exchanged by Rednex, another act for which Dodd is the A&R. On the 21st of September, Rednex’s "Spirit Of The Hawk" started a 9 weeks straight at No.1. During this period, Neumüller stayed for 3 weeks at No.3 with the new single from ATC, "My Heart Beats Like A Drum" and Dodd almost pushed himself of the top with the new Backstreet Boys single, "Shape Of My Heart", but it entered and peaked at No.2 on the 2nd of November.

This week, the chart of 23rd of November, Dodd’s 12 weeks at No.1 has ended as Rednex is pushed to No.2 and who is the new No.1? Of course, Neumüller. He entered straight at No.1 with "Es Ist Geil Ein Arschloch Zu Sein" by Christian, his third debut act of the year at No.1, making it 23 weeks of Neumüller/Dodd domination on top. Neumüller is likely to hold on to No.1 for another week but should not be too sure as the second highest entry this week was the new single from Britney Spears, "Stronger", which entered at No.6, giving Dodd 3 records within the Top 6.

Due to this latest success, Volker Neumüller (181 points) makes a re-entry into the "World Top 20 A&R Chart" from No.21 to No.17. He has been out for 2 weeks after a duration of 22 weeks with a peak position at No.5 on the 31st of July this year. Martin Dodd (455 p.) remains at No.4 as Britney Spears album made a jump from No.20 to No.16 in Germany and the new single entered at No.4 in Sweden and No.8 in Switzerland. However, in the US, the album dropped from No.13 to No.19.

Kevin Law (696 p.) stays No.1 for the 6th week in a row as the world’s best selling debut act this year, Nelly, fell from No.6 to No.10 on the US Album Chart. A major European success is yet to come for the American rap-star but a good sign is that the debut single entered at No.35 on the German Singles Chart this week.

Law is likely to stay on top for a while since his nearest competitors are losing chart positions. No.2 Andre Young (568 p.), a.k.a. Dr. Dre, fell big from No.22 to No.31 with Eminem on the US Album Chart. Young, the former No.1, will most likely drop to No.3 within short as this week’s No.3 Jordan Schur (478 p.) gets substantially more chart points than Young, even though Limp Bizkit dropped from No.3 to No.7 on the US Album Chart and from No.9 to No.12 on the German Album Chart.

Colin Lester & Ian McAndrew (419 p.) makes a jump from No.7 to No.5 which equals their previous peak position. Their signing, Craig David, is doing well with the new single, "Walking Away". It entered at No.3 in the UK pushing the album from No.8 to No.4. They pass No.6 Tom Mackay (393 p.) as 3 Doors Down fell big on the US Album Chart from No.17 to No.24, and No.7 David Massey (386 p. for Anastacia).

Ron Handler (322 p. for Papa Roach) is at No.8 for the 4th consecutive week but is likely to fall back next week as Simon Cowell (271 p.) rushes up from behind. Cowell moves from No.11 to No.9 as Westlife stayed behind Beatles at No.2 on the UK Album Chart and moved from No.26 to No.17 on the Belgian Album Chart. They also advanced from No.17 to No.11 on the Singles Chart of The Netherlands.

Cowell is the first A&R from RCA to hit the Top 10 and the 5th A&R, who is working in the UK, to be on the top half. The highest position an A&R in the UK has ever had was Peter Loraine at Polydor. He was at No.4 the 3rd of July. Loraine’s colleague, Colin Barlow (259 p.) drops from No.9 to No.10 even though Ronan Keating entered at No.6 with the new single, "The Way You Make Me Feel", in the UK and Samantha Mumba moved from No.28 to No.23 on the French Singles Chart.

Joel Mark (235 p.) falls from No.10 to No.11 as Creed backed on the US Album Chart from No.10 to No.15 and Chris Lorenzo & Donnell Nichols (210 p.) remains at No.12 as Ja Rule, the former No.1, fell big on the US Album Chart from No.18 to No.29.

This week’s best mover is Teresa La Barbera Whites (198 p.). She climbs 6 places from No.19 to No.13 as Destiny’s Child’s single "Independent Women, Part 1" is exploding all over Europe. It entered at No.1 in the UK and at No.7 in both Sweden and Finland as well as moved from No.13 to No.2 in The Netherlands and from No.37 to No.10 in Belgium. The track also stayed another week on top of the Billboard Hot 100.

La Barbera Whites has been close to leaving the "World Top 20 A&R Chart" for a few weeks but is now likely to stay for several more to come. She is now one of only three A&Rs (the other two being Young & Dodd) who have been on the A&R Chart since its beginning, since Simon Belofsky (157 p.) is leaving the chart this week with a margin of only 2 points. Belofsky has been at No.20 for two weeks but drops to No.21 as Sonique’s new single, "Sky", is not picking up as well as the previous one. Belofsky enjoyed one week at No.10 the 16th of October and a total stay of 25 weeks on the world’s only A&R Chart.

No.14 Philippe Laugier (187 p. for Modjo) is falling back from No.13 and will most likely be passed next week by No.15 Dan Keeling (186 p.). He moves from No.18, which is a new peak position for him, as Coldplay surprisingly moved from No.6 to No.5 on the UK Album Chart, showing a remarkable durability.

Kawan Prather (181 p. for Pink) is falling from No.14 to No.16, and Brad Jordan (175 p.) from No.15 to No.18 as Ludacris dropped from No.16 to No.26 on the US Album Chart.

This week’s only new entry is Joanna Ifrah (170 p.), A&R at Columbia Records in New York. She moves from No.35 to No.19 as Ricky Martin made high entries with the new album in North America at No.4 in the US and No.3 in Canada. Ifrah is only the third woman to enter the "World Top 20 A&R Chart". Apart from La Barbera Whites, there was also Anja Neuschwander at Virgin Records in Germany, who peaked at No.6 for signing Reamonn.

No.20 is Ron Fair (159 p. for Christina Aguilera). He is losing a lot of points and is falling from No.16. He might leave the A&R Chart soon even though there is not much threat below the Top 20 apart from Belofsky, who is only two points behind. No.22 Ashley Newton (149 p.) is also falling out of the Top 20, but might make a come back soon as a new single with Melanie C has been shown to get good airplay across Europe. Newton is the only A&R who has fallen out of the chart twice. His first visit on the chart lasted 7 weeks with a peak at No.10, his second lasted 14 weeks with a peak at No.6.

The A&R Chart is based solely on the official sales charts and is evaluated one week after the release of the charts, to give the researchers at HitQuarters time to locate new A&Rs. Please go to the A&R Chart and click on the question mark in the headline to read how the chart is evaluated.

World Top 20 A&R Chart