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News - Jan 16, 2003

Chris Lorenzo at Murder Inc. USA is the 2002 World No. 1 A&R!

picture HitQuarters presents the World Top 100 A&R Chart 2002. The Chart is based on sales charts worldwide in 2002 and focuses on the ability to break new artists.

Chris Lorenzo, A&R at Murder Inc. USA, is the world's No.1 for 2002. Chris has proven to give priority and bring success to upcoming artists, by breaking Ashanti and in his work with Ja Rule and Irv Gotti. He is rewarded for being the person with most power and the greatest wealth of up-to-date knowledge, which he uses to help innovative artists achieve their highest goals.

World Top 100 A&R Chart 2002
A&R Chart by Country, Genre, Record Label, Area
Top 5 Women
World Top 100 A&R Chart 2001

Click here for an interview with Chris Lorenzo

No.2 on the Chart is Joshua Sarubin, A&R at Arista NY for Avril Lavigne; Ron Burman, A&R at Roadrunner NY for Nickelback and Chad Kroeger, is No.3; and Jeff Blue, A&R for Linkin Park at Warner CA, is No.4. The USA monopolises the Top 10, with the best European A&R, Martin Dodd at Zomba Records, the Netherlands, appearing at No.13 for his work with Nick Carter and Britney Spears.

New York is still the A&R capital of the world: its A&R offices account for 34.2% of new artists' success in 2002. California offices are credited with 25.5% and London offices are down to 13.1% from 18.9% in 2001. The most successful label is Arista; Polydor is at No.2; No.3 is Murder Inc.; No.4 Universal; and No.5 Roadrunner.

In 2002, the dominant genre was pop with 44.6%, whilst rock accounted for 15.4% and hip-hop 15.1%. The No.1 dance & club A&R is Simon Gavin at Polydor UK, for Sophie Ellis Bextor and Ms. Dynamite.

The most successful A&Rs are approached on a daily basis by hundreds of musicians in search of a record deal, but they do not generally accept unsolicited material. However, at it is possible for new artists to present their songs directly to a panel of the world's most prominent A&Rs, many of them within the world's Top 10.