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World Top 100 A&R Chart - December 31, 2004

The Best A&R In The World Is A Woman!

picture Diana Meltzer at Wind-Up Records in New York is the world’s No.1 A&R for 2004. In the heavily male-dominated music industry, she is the first woman ever to reach the top of the World Top 100 A&R Chart, which is compiled by During its entire existence, 95% of the spots on the Chart have been occupied by men.

Meltzer’s success in 2004 is due to her signing and developing Evanescence. She has also broken three other acts in one year: Seether, Alter Bridge and 12 Stones—an extraordinary achievement in itself.

Brian Bacchus and Bruce Lundvall are at No.2 for the second consecutive year for their work with Norah Jones (Blue Note), and Ben Berkman, A&R at Octone Records US for Maroon5, the biggest breakthrough act of 2004, is at No.3.

HitQuarters 2004 World Top 100 A&R Chart

At No.10 is the first non-American, at Media Services in Romania. He is the first ever Eastern European A&R on the Chart as a result of his work with O-Zone, which, together with the recent success of T.A.T.U., shows that that part of the world is beginning to make inroads into the music industry. New York is still the outstanding A&R capital of the world, as its A&R offices account for 47.5% of the new artists who were successful in 2004.

Of the majors, BMG has taken over as the world’s new No.1 label host. It increases its share from 22.4% to 22.7%, surpassing Universal, whose A&Rs have led the chart in the last three years and which now falls from 24.0% to 22.3%. The success of independent labels has rapidly increased from 6.6% to 20.8%.

The World Top 100 A&R Chart is compiled from worldwide sales charts and rewards A&Rs for their ability to prioritise and bring success to new acts in the interests of, the leading publication for the progressive community of the world’s up-and-coming artists.

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