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- “A very catchy song with potential! I like it!”

- “He is a good singer but should try losing the accent.”

- “I would suggest she looked closely at herself and ask, ‘why me? What's special about me?”

picture Three unsigned HitQuarters Artists Of The Week have been reviewed by three successful music industry professionals. You can read reviews of their vocals, production, composition, visual presentation and overall potential to get a record deal and achieve chart success, as well as advice on how to approach the music industry and improve their tracks.

The three artists are:

HitQuarters ArtistMis Marie – Denmark – Rap/Pop

26-year-old Mis Marie from Copenhagen, Denmark, was formerly the lead singer/rapper in Danish band Doublemouth. She has worked with musicians such as DMC champion DJ Noize, Freestyle and rapper Maylay Sparks a.k.a. Rasheed, among others.

Listen to Mis Marie – Mis Universe

HitQuarters Artist Vladimir Vasileski Cetkar – USA – Pop

He lives in Boston, USA, although he was born in Macedonia, where he has scored three No.1 singles in the last two years. He is available for publishing- and record deals.

Listen to Vladimir Vasileski Cetkar - Hypnotized

HitQuarters Artist Penny Foster – UK – Pop

She writes her own songs and co-writes and records for six top production companies. She is an in-house writer for SPM (Hed Kandi/Eden Project), alongside Bruce Elliott-Smith, (Kylie Minogue) and writer/producer Justin Sharvoner (Harry Potter soundtrack). Penny is signing a world wide publishing deal as a result of her being presented as the Songwriter Of The Month at

Listen to Penny Foster – No Shame

The three industry professionals doing the reviews are:

Lotte Aagaard – Danish manager/publisher.
She is Creative Manager at TG Publishing and has publishing breakthrough credits on Aqua (UK No.1) and Chipz (German Top 3), as well as managing the successful production team Hartman / Langhoff.

Leo Chantzaras - German producer/songwriter.
He is part of Boomin`System Music Production and signed to Peermusic. His credits include Sarah Connor (German No.1), Popstars, Big Brother, and working for several of the majors. His co-writers are Michael Jay (Eminem, Celine Dion), David Stenmarck (Westlife), Johan Ĺberg (Christina Aguilera), Charlemaine (‘NSync).

Robert Waterman - UK A&R/manager.
He is 32 years old and has been established in the music industry since 12 years, having been head of Major A&R departments around the globe, with success with over 30 different artists. At present he is A&R for Triple Eight (UK Top 5) among others.

In 2004, he decided to set up the small indie label, Osmosis Records, to capture and pick up what the market is calling “dead music” – pop. Robert has been quoted saying: "How can established A&R people say pop is dead? It is a fact that people around the world enjoy and love pop, such as the hugely successful Take That, East 17, Blue, Five, Triple Eight, Boyzone, Westlife to name a few. I think the numbers speak for themselves".

Robert is a great practioner of rooting-for-the-underdog: "I feel there is enough untapped talent out there that these major labels pass up on and this is where a small indie label can make all the difference.” Along with his management company, Nu-Soft Management, Osmosis Records is set to prove once and for all that “it’s not about the money, it’s about the music.”

Reviews on Mis Marie:

Lotte Aagaard: I think the lyrical idea is really great; it’s something that we all would like to see happen, though it rarely does. The track has a great sound/beat, but could be more powerful. I would really like to see this song with a video, so you’d be able to tell the story. I don't think it will be too hard to get a licensing deal on this track.

If she has the style, the attitude, and the songs, she can make it happen. I believe she should go to the USA and give any neo-soul artist a run for their money. However, Germany would be a good starting point - they are very much into hip hop right now, and artists like Mis Marie are not that easy to find.

Leo Chantzaras: I like the attitude and the weird sounds… it sounds a bit like Salt’n Pepa to me. The production is good, cool and unique, and so are the lyrics. The composition is cool and has its own style, the vocals are very well done – she sounds perfect. I am sure she could get signed, but it depends on the songs. This is not a hit in my ears; if fits better as a good album track or a second single. With the picture... I can’t make a judgment on this one.

Robert Waterman: A very catchy song with potential! I like it! After the first listen I thought it was a very different song; I liked the breaks and the crispy vocals, but as a commercial proposition, I thought it should aim for a market leaning towards R&B. So my initial concept was to put a good R&B backtrack on it and beef it up.

However, on my second listen, I started to like it a lot more. It needs production work and a look at the lyrics, but I feel the potential is there. As it is now I feel that an A&R would have a problem in placing it with radio, but I think that's just down to the production. On the whole, the background is good, the feel is good, it taps a new market and I feel it has potential.

Reviews on Vladimir Vasileski Cetkar:

Lotte Aagaard: His voice is great to listen to. I like the song, but the production could do more for the song. You need something more to happen to keep you excited. I didn't get that feeling here, but I hear the talent in Vladimir and I believe he should keep writing and singing and creating a buzz - go to the UK as well, and play in the clubs to get seen and heard.

He already has a success story, but as the business is, you're only as big as your last hit and the competition is hard. I believe he should use his talent as a musician and bring a new sound to the songs; take some time and find out what's not already heard. He has the gift of being able to compose, knowing the instruments, and loving different kinds of music. Now he wants to write pop, and I think there’s a great opportunity for him to make pop with something that has not been heard before. He has what it takes to become a success - now it's all about that right song.

Leo Chantzaras: He has the potential to get signed, but needs stronger tracks, and he needs to do some work on his accent. I don’t really think this is a hit; the melody is too old fashioned and not strong enough. The production is good, sound-wise, but could be more up to date. I would use less effects on the vocals and keep it dry. The lyrics could be better and less obvious. It is well done, he is a good singer and a very good looking guy, and the picture is cool, but he should try losing the accent.

Robert Waterman: This is not my favourite of the three songs. The production is good and has the right combination of beats and hooks. The vocals are good and crisp, but the song lacks that certain X factor; to me it’s just another standard song which I feel has small potential in the current market.

To improve this song I would change the production for sure - it would be better in my opinion with a more up to date beat. Maybe an R&B beat would do this song more justice. On the whole, I have to say that it’s just a nice song, with not much to it. But with a little work it will sound much better.

Reviews on Penny Foster:

Lotte Aagaard: Penny is absolute drama; she has a clear voice, clear potential, some great ideas, and a message to bring to the market. I love the interesting changes in the arrangement of the production, though I don't feel that it's bringing anything new to the market. I’ve heard this style before, so I would suggest she looked closely at herself and ask, ‘why me? What's special about me? How can I convince the labels to sign me?’

Another way to do it would be to license the album herself. She should use her skills on the stage and try to find a booking company to get her out onstage to be seen and heard. That’s the best strategy these days, though it’s tough when you don't have a television show or a media opportunity behind you. She looks great, she knows the business, and she’s been on stage for some time - all this is a plus. However, it’s still a long way to go, and a lot of passion is needed.

Leo Chantzaras: She looks awesome and has a good, modern, up to date production. The vocals are well done and she is definitely a good singer. The composition and the lyrics are good; however, the melody could be stronger. I don’t think this is a hit as a first single, but as a third single, it could be. I’m sure she could rock the world if she had more songs and more obvious hits.

Robert Waterman: I know this act, since she’s been produced by Jiant (in house producer at Nu-Soft Management). I really like this; the introduction is very nice, I think her vocals are polished and the production is slick. It’s well done and has commercial reach. For me, Penny Foster is a true upcoming talent!

Demos on review are chosen from the ones uploaded to the A&R Panel. To upload your songs, click here.

If you are a music industry professional that would like to participate in the demo reviews, please send us a message.

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