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- “She can offer any label a first class artist!”

- “I don’t think the heavier guitars help the song, and they’re certainly too dominant for her vocals.”

- “From the spine-tingling introduction to the huge chorus drop, ‘There’ll Be Angels’ begs the listener to reach for the volume, and is a flawless example of savvy production quality and awesome songwriting.”

picture Three unsigned HitQuarters Artists Of The Week have been reviewed by three successful music industry professionals.

You can read reviews of their vocals, production, composition, visual presentation and overall potential to get a record deal and achieve chart success, as well as advice on how to approach the music industry and improve their tracks.

The three artists are:

HitQuarters ArtistNo Silence – UK – Pop/Dance

What have David Arnold (composer/producer: James Bond, Stargate, Independence Day, etc.), Mick Jackson (writer/producer: Blame It On The Boogie, Weekend etc.) and Anthony Rothschild of the Rothschild Empire all have in common?

They are all working with London-based singer/songwriter No Silence, who hit the UK charts last year just days before her record company Telstar UK went into liquidation. This gave her team the incentive to produce her debut album “Without A Reason”, for which she is now ready to negotiate a new record deal, as well as publishing- and management deal.

Listen to No Silence – Go

HitQuarters ArtistJunk TV – UK – Pop/Rock

Junk TV is a 4 piece London-based band. Their self-released single “Out There” was played at Radio 1, Virgin, Kiss FM and Capitol Gold. It also received great critical acclaim and Zeitgeist described it as “a glistening piece of summer pop from Junk TV. Very Ian McNabb meets Squeeze, and heartily recommended". They are available for record-, publishing and management deals.

Listen to Junk TV – Out There

HitQuarters Artist Lesley Roy – Ireland – Pop/Rock

Irish 18 year old Lesley Roy’s track “There’ll Be Angels” is featured in a Warner Bros film starring William Baldwin, DMX and Michael Madson. In Ireland, she is released by Religion Music, but available for record- and management deals.

Listen to Lesley Roy – There’ll Be Angels

The industry professionals doing the reviews are:

Gary Cooper – Manager/A&R Consultant – Germany

Gary Cooper is a manager and A&R Consultant at Traaxx Music Management. His credits as an A&R whilst working at BMG Munich include N'Sync, Natural (No.1 Germany), Die Happy and Kool Savas. To read the interview with Gary Cooper, click here. For more information – visit

David Coulommiers – Producer – France

David Coulommiers is a renowned international programmer/producer whose credits include Keane, Shaggy, Star Academy France and Disney. He has also worked with well known producers whose credits include Dido, U2, Kylie Monigue, Madonna, Mel C, Phil Collins and Carlos Santana.

He brings a project to life with his boundless enthusiasm and irrepressible talent. A deft musician with an ear for perfection, David pushes the boundaries of originality, bringing innovation to everything he lays his hands on. For more information – visit or write to .

Stani Djukanovic – Producer – Germany

Stani Djukanovic is a producer and owner of Das Leihhaus Musik Produktion/Edition in Germany. He has scored 15 Top 10 singles (including 7 gold records), won 2 Echo Awards (German equivalent to Grammy) and worked with artists such as Blümchen, No Angels, Vanessa, ATC, Hot Banditoz and many more.

His latest success is Gadjo feat. Alexandra Prince, which went Top 20 in the UK. He produces nearly every kind of modern music (Pop, House, Rock, R&B) and has a publishing edition with an extensive and prominent catalogue of songs. For more information - visit

Reviews on No Silence:

Gary Cooper: After listening to this several times, I’m still no closer to the song or to the artist - why? Starting with the artist, No Silence, I have the feeling that this is not her natural musical playground; her vocals feel too lightweight and the delivery doesn’t keep pace with the intensity of the production. Maybe her coming from a dance background has something to do with this?

Not that this has to be the reason, but obviously they are vastly different styles of music, and also different emotions, and thus deliveries/performances are needed. No Silence fails where Melanie C succeeds – it’s a thin line, but it is there.

The song and the production are good but not memorable. Good structures, but no real impact… maybe a reduced version would have done more for the song? I don’t think the heavier guitars help the song, and they’re certainly too dominant for her vocals. A “Torn” approach might have allowed her vocal identity and characteristics to make more of an impression. I can’t quite understand who the target group is for this, or is that a dirty word?

David Coulommiers: London based singer/songwriter No Silence - the talent behind one of last years Ibiza anthems, ‘So Damn Beautiful’ - returns with a new track, ‘Go’, a distinctive showcase of mesmerizing vocals and driving beats. Accompanied by a track perhaps a little too gritty for a singer blessed with such delicate grace, No Silence manages to mix light and dark with aplomb.

However, she would perhaps better suit the achingly beautiful kind of material that has seen Dido achieve such stellar success. Nevertheless, with tight production and an impressive team around her, No Silence can offer any label a first class artist.

Stani Djukanovic: If her old Record Company hadn’t gone into liquidation, she would already be a star. She has a great voice, it’s a good production and she already has a lot of experience. All she needs is a smashing song. There’s nothing wrong about “Go”, but it just isn’t a breakthrough song.

The sounds and the recording are good, but maybe she could have a bit more of her own style. If her team is really good and creative I am sure they will find THE song for her.

Reviews on Junk TV:

Gary Cooper: I like this. I’m not sure if it is a hit, but if they have other material that builds on this then they could be in for a few hits and attention from the music industry. The Badly Drawn Boy comparison is obvious. The slight country feel is nice but what I like is the honesty in the lyrics and the fresh and simple production.

They seem to be busy getting seen and heard where they can, which is not as easy as it sounds and is a full time job on its own, but it is important for such bands to be out there. I can imagine that it’s fun seeing them live, and that they create a great atmosphere. There are and have been a long stream of bands in this vein, so they need good strong songs, honest lyrics and something special to pull crowds and create a fanbase.

It’s hard to make such an in-depth comment based on one song. The Squeeze quirky-ness is not there, or the clever Costello lyrical twists, but I would still pop down to the local venue to catch them.

David Coulommiers: ‘Out There’ is a feel-good-factor pop song that makes the listener feel like summer is here already. With a great backing track of lush keys, and warm melodies, Junk TV sound polished but not over-produced, like they are performing on a festival stage.

While sonically very good, the vocal would benefit from a tighter performance. A hardworking gigging band, Junk TV have enough exposure to reach their target market, and the potential to translate their profile into unit sales.

Stani Djukanovic: This is a typical British thing and is slightly hard for me to review since it isn’t my type of music, but I know there is a market for this kind of music. The song is very “light” and “happy”. It doesn’t bother me when I’m ironing my shirts and the sun is shining outdoors.

The vocals are ok and they have the right vibe for the song, and I have to say that the production is top! The producers have done a good job; the production isn’t overdone and there’s nothing missing.

Reviews on Lesley Roy:

Gary Cooper: I heard this a while back and I’m happy that Lesley has had some success, as she is a very good singer. It just shows how hard this business has become - in normal times with such a voice and songs she would have had her breakthrough hit. It’s a good well-produced song that deserves more attention. Of course it can be argued how strong it is but I believe it stands up there with most of what is in the charts.

She can sing, has good delivery and timbre, and the interpretation is there. Though how much she writes herself isn’t mentioned. Today it’s not just about having a great song, the image, positioning and presence of an artist are equally important, and where she may fall down is whether she is believable as an artist in this genre. There are no statements about her background, gigs, tours etc.

David Coulommiers: Lesley Roy, an 18 year old artist who oozes quality, delivers a stunning performance in her single, ‘There’ll Be Angels’. It will play well on commercial radio and main stages alike. From the spine-tingling introduction to the huge chorus drop, ‘There’ll Be Angels’ begs the listener to reach for the volume, and is a flawless example of savvy production quality and awesome songwriting.

Unique in style but still familiar, Lesley Roy will appeal to a market that saw Kelly Clarkson climb the charts to Top 5 success. Her excellent presentation will appeal to a varied demographic, and she should be tipped for a successful 2006.

Stani Djukanovic: She is a very good-looking and talented young singer with a wonderful voice, which reminds me a bit of Ana Johnsson, so there is no doubt about her talent. The song is pretty strong and has some hit potential, and with a feature in a Warner Bros. movie she could have a worldwide breakthrough.

The only fault is the production - I don’t know why the guitars in the chorus are louder then her voice. She could give a bit more while she’s singing; I'm missing a little more emotion, but perhaps that comes with being 18 years old…

Demos on review are chosen from the ones uploaded to the A&R Panel. To upload your songs, click here.

If you are a music industry professional that would like to participate in the demo reviews, please send us a message.

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