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Label Vote 2007 – Results - Sep 9, 2007

Label Vote 2007 – Results

picture Which record label would be your ideal choice to sign a record deal with?

This question was asked to 100,000’s of artists, bands, musicians and music industry professionals, offering them the chance to tell the music business which record labels they consider to be attractive and which not.

Their top choice was Interscope Records USA, which holds on to the No.1 position for the second consecutive year. Read on to view the complete results and charts of the world’s 50 most popular record labels.

No.1 Record Label 2007 – Interscope Records USA

Interscope Records stays on the road to success and holds on to the No.1 spot as the world’s most desirable record label on the Top 50 Label Vote 2007 with an all-time record high of 5.87% of the votes. This year they also make their debut at No.1 on the Top 20 Urban Label Vote 2007, as well as holding on to No.1 on the Top 20 Rock/Metal Label Vote 2007. However they had to give up the No.1 position on the Top 20 Alternative Pop Label Vote 2007 to Capitol Records USA.

Interscope LogoInterscope Records was founded in 1989 by Jimmy Iovine, Ted Field, Tom Whalley and Atlantic Records. Major artists include Gwen Stefani, Pussycat Dolls, Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails and Will Smith.

Moving up from No.3 to No.2 overall is Island / Def Jam USA with 5.20% of the votes. The fastest climber, Capitol Records USA, moves from No.9 to No.3 with 3.21%. At No.4, dropping from No.2 is the winner of Label Vote 2005 – Arista Records USA, who manage to hold on to the No.1 spot on the Top 20 Adult Pop Label Vote 2007.

At No.5 is Jive Records USA, who overtakes the No.1 position on the Top 20 Pop Label Vote 2007 from J Records, who stand out as this year’s disappointment as they surprisingly fall from No.5 to No.17 on the overall chart.

At No.6, Island Records UK is the best non-American label for the 3rd consecutive year. They also defend the No.1 position on the Top 20 Electronica/Dance Label Vote 2007. The Top 50 includes 13 UK labels, one French - Sony BMG at No.35, and one German - metal label Nuclear Blast at No.41. The rest are American.

Major movers are Atlantic Records UK (No.18 to No.9), Roadrunner Records USA (No.21 to No.11) and Bad Boy Entertainment USA (No.30 to No.15) and major droppers, apart from J Records, are Def Jam Recording South USA (No.13 to No.21), Virgin Records UK (No.26 to No.44) and Blue Note Records USA (No.17 to No.46).

The highest newcomers are No.22 Sony Music Nashville USA, No.26 Capitol Records Nashville USA, No.27 Epitaph USA and No.29 TVT Records USA.

Read interviews with A&Rs from the most wanted labels:
Interview with Ron Fair, President of A&R at A&M/Interscope for Pussycat Dolls (No.1 US)
Interview with Jay Brown, A&R at Island/ Def Jam for Jay-Z, Rihanna
Interview with Jeff Fenster, A&R at Jive Records for Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys

For the results of Label Vote 2006, click here.

For the results of Label Vote 2005, click here.

Top 50 Label Vote 2007 (click here to view complete chart)

1. Interscope Records CA US – 5.87%
2. Island / Def Jam US – 5.20%
3. Capitol Records US – 3.21%

Top 20 Pop Label Vote 2007 (click here to view complete chart)

1. Jive Records US – 9.04%
2. Sony BMG US – 6.33%
3. Island Def Jam US – 5.84%

Top 20 Urban Label Vote 2007 (click here to view complete chart)

1. Interscope Records US – 9.94%
2. Island/Def Jam US – 9.36%
3. Bad Boy Entertainment US – 5.59%

Top 20 Rock/Metal Label Vote 2007 (click here to view complete chart)

1. Interscope Records US – 8.54%
2. Roadrunner Records US – 7.32%
3. Island / Def Jam US – 5.49%

Top 20 Adult Pop Label Vote 2007 (click here to view complete chart)

1. Arista Records NY US – 15.38%
2. Atlantic Records UK – 11.97%
3. Warner Bros CA US – 9.40%

Top 20 Electronica/Dance Label Vote 2007 (click here to view complete chart)

1. Island Records UK – 8.55%
2. Tommy Boy Records US – 7.69%
3. Sony BMG France – 5.98%

Top 20 Alternative Pop Label Vote 2007 (click here to view complete chart)

1. Capitol Records US – 10.13%
2. Interscope Records US – 9.99%
3. Island / Def Jam US – 7.59%

HitQuarters is the world’s leading portal between the established music industry and the unsigned artist community. It holds the largest available international database of contact details for A&Rs, managers, producers and publishers, including credits.

It also publishes in-depth interviews with high-profile industry people and offers you the opportunity to submit your tracks to an A&R panel with credits from more than a dozen Top 10 US acts.


Interscope Records

Interscope Records is a major US record label based in Santa Monica, California. It is a subsidiary of the Universal Music Group.

Interscope Records was founded in 1989 as a small alternative label. Founders Jimmy Iovine, a successful producer, and Ted Field were assisted in their venture by Atlantic Records, who provided both financial assistance and, in their subsidiary East West Records, an initial distributor. In return, Atlantic were given a 50% share of the fledgling label.

The modest enterprise quickly grew in prominence; the following year saw the label begin of a string of successful releases and Warner Music Group purchase a 50% stake. 1991 also witnessed such influential acts as No Doubt, 2Pac and Nine Inch Nails added to their talent roster. Nevertheless, despite its varied genre mix, it was with hip-hop that Interscope would become inextricably linked; firstly as a purveyor of critically-scorned “cookie-cutter” mainstream hip-hop, and then, at the opposite extreme, as a key force in the rise of Death Row Records.

Suge Knight and Dr Dre founded Death Row Records in 1992, whilst Iovine provided financial assistance and arranged its distribution deal through Interscope. Death Row rapidly became a major force in the burgeoning – and massively controversial – Gangsta Rap genre, with hugely successful debut releases from Dr Dre and Snoop Doggy Dogg. As a result Interscope’s power and influence soared.

Nevertheless Interscope was not powerful enough to rise above the furore that its protégé soon sparked. Time Warner, keen to disassociate itself from the Gangsta Rap image that its subsidiary was seeing to promote, vetoed the next Death Row record, a June 1995 release by Tha Dogg Pound. And then in late 1995 Warner sold its entire stake in the label to MCA Music Entertainment (later the Universal Music Group or UMG). The new owners were no more welcoming of Gangsta Rap and so too refused to distribute many of Interscope’s Death Row releases. These outlawed releases had to be released by alternative labels such as Island.

This period in the mid-90s also saw Interscope begin to venture more outside of its familiar hip hop bracket, a direction that it would continue to follow and lead to them enjoying success with artists from a wide range of genres.

Death Row began to break apart in 1996 following the death of Tupac Shakur, the departure of Dr Dre and the incarceration of boss Suge Knight. In August of 1997, pressure from UMG finally forced Interscope to sell off its entire share in the label.

After UMG acquired PolyGram in 1998, it then merged Geffen Records and A&M Records together into Interscope, thereby creating one of its most powerful and formidable units.

In 2005, Interscope launched a new imprint, Cherrytree Records for emerging artists.

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