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World Top 100 A&R Chart 2007 - Jan 7, 2008

U.S. and British A&Rs Share No.1 Spot

Nick Gatfield, Louis Bloom at Island Records UK and Tommy Mottola at Casablanca Records are the new No.1 A&Rs on the
World Top 100 A&R Chart, the music industry's annual ranking of the past year's best A&Rs from The world’s three top A&Rs are credited for the breakthrough success of Mika’s Life in Cartoon Motion.

The No.1 position of Gatfield, Bloom and Mottola marks the second consecutive year, in which A&Rs based in London and California claimed the No.1 spot for breaking a new artist worldwide. Linda Perry (Custard Records, California) and Max Lousada (Atlantic Records UK) were the No.1 A&Rs in 2006 for their work with James Blunt., whose album Back To Bedlam sold multi-platinum worldwide.

In an exclusive interview with HitQuarters in 2007, Island Records President and A&R Nick Gatfield described the initial signing of Mika to Island Records; the working process with Mika, from finding a producer suitable to Mika and the strategy to position an eclectic pop artist like Mika in the market.

Universal Music and its associated labels again boasted a major share in breaking new artists out of the Top 5 Label Hosts.

A&Rs based in the United Kingdom proved to be very strong in the genre of alternative rock/pop, as Jim Chancellor, claimed the No.1 spot in that genre for his work Snow Patrol (No.1 UK)

To view the complete World Top 100 A&R Chart, click here.

Interviews with Top 100 A&Rs: has published in-depth interviews with nearly half of the A&Rs on the World Top 100 A&R Chart 2006, including interviews with Nick Gatfield, Pete Ganbarg, Linda Perry & Max Lousada, Ron Fair, Simon Cowell (Il Divo), Stephen Ferrera (J Records, Kelly Clarkson), Robert Stevenson (Island / Def Jam, The Killers) and Angelo Sanders (Aftermath, The Game). Read about A&Rs’ individual approaches to the recording process; what they look for in a potential signing; and their take on the future of the music industry. To browse the interviews in HitQuarters' extensive interview archive click here.

The World Top 100 A&R Chart is compiled from worldwide sales charts and rewards A&Rs for their ability to sign and develop successful new artists.

All A&Rs on the World Top 100 A&R Chart are entitled to the A&R Award. To request it, click here.

To view the Top 100, including all-time statistics and charts by country, genre, label and area, click here.

To submit tracks to some of the A&Rs on the World Top 100 A&R Chart, click here.

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