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A&R panel

The HitQuarters A&R panel consists of some of the most successful A&Rs in the world. If you want a chance to get your music presented to them, please send us your demo.

HitQuarters Artists' Success Stories


Kevin Law - St. Lunatics, Nelly, Ali, Murphy Lee
Universal Music, NY

Genre: Urban, Rock

A&R for Murphy Lee for breakthrough album "Murphy's Law" in 2003; Nelly for album "Nellyville"; Ali for breakthrough album "Heavy Starch" in 2002; St. Lunatics for breakthrough album "Free City" in 2001; Nelly for breakthrough album "Country Grammar" in 2000 at Universal.

Top position on the World Top 20 A&R Chart – No. 1 in November 2000 and in September 2002

Interview with Kevin Law

Kawan Prather - Pink, Youngbloodz, Usher, Outkast
Ghet-O-Vision Ent./Sony Music, NY

Genre: Urban

A&R for Dungeon Family for breakthrough album "Even In Darkness" in 2001; Pink for breakthrough song "There U Go" in 2000; Youngbloodz for breakthrough album "Against Da Grain" in 1999; GooDie Mob for breakthrough song "Cell Therapy" in 1995; Usher for breakthrough song "Think Of You" in 1994; Outkast for breakthrough song "Player’s Ball" in 1993 at La Face Records.

Top position on the World Top 20 A&R Chart – No. 5 in February 2002

Interview with Kawan Prather

Ron Burman - Nickelback, Chad Kroeger, Theory Of A Deadman
Roadrunner Records, LA

Genre: Rock

Co-A&R for Theory Of A Deadman for breakthrough album "Theory Of A Deadman"; A&R for Chad Kroeger for breakthrough song "Hero" in 2002; Nickelback for album "The Long Road" in 2003; album "Silver Side Up" in 2001; breakthrough album "The State" in 2000 at Roadrunner Records.

Top position on the World Top 20 A&R Chart – No. 1 in April 2002

Interview with Ron Burman

Andy Karp - Kid Rock, Uncle Kracker, Simple Plan
Lava/Atlantic, NY

Genre: Pop, Rock

A&R for Simple Plan for breakthrough album "No Helmets, No Pads... Just Balls"; Uncle Kracker for album "No Stranger To Shame" in 2002; album "Double Wide"; breakthrough song "Follow Me"; Kid Rock for album "Cocky" in 2001; breakthrough album "Devil Without A Cause" in 1998 at Lava.

Top position on the World Top 20 A&R Chart – No. 8 in September 2001

Interview with Andy Karp

Teresa La Barbera-Whites - Jessica Simpson, Destiny's Child, Kelly Rowland, Beyoncé Knowles
Columbia Records, Dallas

Genre: Pop, Urban

A&R for Jessica Simpson for album "In This Skin"; Beyoncé Knowles for album "Dangerously In Love" in 2003; breakthrough song "Work It Out"; Kelly Rowland for breakthrough album "Simply Deep" in 2002; Jessica Simpson for breakthrough song "I Wanna Love You Forever" in 1999; Destiny's Child for breakthrough song "No, No, No (Part 2)" in 1998.

Top position on the World Top 20 A&R Chart – No. 2 in June 2001

Interview with Teresa La Barbera-Whites

Joel Mark
Geffen Records, LA

Genre: Rock

Interview with Joel Mark

James Dowdall - Macy Gray
Warner Bros. Records, NY

Genre: Pop, Rock

Co-A&R for Macy Gray for breakthrough song "I Try" in 1999 at Epic Records.

Top position on the World Top 20 A&R Chart – No. 5 in July 2000

Mike Caren - Drama, Trina, Twista, Sunshine Anderson, T.I.
Atlantic Records, LA

Genre: Urban

A&R for T.I. for breakthrough album "Trap Muzik"; Nappy Roots for album "Wooden Leather" in 2003; breakthrough album "Watermelon, Chicken And Gritz"; Trick Daddy for album "Thug Holiday" in 2002; Drama for breakthrough album "Causin' Drama"; Trina for breakthrough album "Da Baddest Bitch" in 2000; Twista for breakthrough album "Adrenaline Rush" in 1997. Co-A&R for Sunshine Anderson for breakthrough song "Heard It All Before" in 2001 at Atlantic LA.

Interview with Mike Caren

Steve Lunt
Jive Records, NY

Genre: Pop, Rock

Current A&R for Britney Spears, 'N Sync and Backstreet Boys.

Interview with Steve Lunt

Tom Mackay - 3 Doors Down
Republic Records, NY

Genre: Rock

A&R for 3 Doors Down for breakthrough album "The Better Life" in 2000.

Top position on the World Top 20 A&R Chart – No. 4 in November 2000

Luke Wood - Jimmy Eat World, Elliott Smith, AFI
Dreamworks Records, LA

Genre: Rock

A&R for AFI for breakthrough album "Sing The Sorrow" in 2003; Jimmy Eat World for breakthrough album "Bleed American" in 2001; Elliott Smith for breakthrough song "Miss Misery" in 1997 at DreamWorks Records.

Interview with Luke Wood